Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sanghparivar unleashed

There are people. Some of them are good, others quite good. Lot of them are bad, some very bad. Luckily, all the bad people happen to be in Hindu fundamental outfit, jointly grouped as "Sangh Parivar."
Sangh in Sanskrit means group and Parivar in Hindi also means a group. A little redundandancy here that no one particularly cares. Some seventy-five years ago, a Congress party worker from Nagpur, Keshav Baliram Hedgevar, aconfirmed bachelor with some kind of mail order degree, not recognized by British educational system thought that it would be nice to organize Brahmins against Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of Congress party but notBrahmin.
The bone of contention behind this rag tag outfit was all those "foreign,"elements, especially Muslims who were enticed to join the Congress party and fight for the independence. Hindus don't like Muslims, period. The enmitystarted long time ago but exacerbated due to Muslim empire established by Babur, a Mongol warrior.
Babur was, like any other tribal leader who wanted to plunder India, a barbarian. Power to establish an empire must have a reason. Babur fetched such a reason from the then Persian kings, Islam and all things Islamic including the Language culture and religion.
Local Hindu warlords gave tough resistance to the invading armies but were defeated. Since there is no such thing as a Hindu religion, these and others before them who had dealings with India on more friendly basis that includedtrade, commerce and exchange of ideas, ideologies and precious goods and merchandise gave this group a name, "Hindu."
The word "Hindu," is a corrupt form of the word "Sindhu," a river Indus. Thus foreigners describing the people living in the vallies of Indus and six other tributaries, not the religion, is what Hindu means. None of the Sanskrit scriptures ever mentions this word to refer to any people, most certainly not all the people of India or their so called religion.
With that kind of fictitious origins, faulty to the core a strong movement was born. The fact is that Brahmins who cherished and nourished separate cults became fearful of their own divisions and decided to recast Brahminisminto a single, unified force to reckon with. Not immediately but in due course they really obliterated any regional, linguistic and cultural differences among them under a saffron banner, a flag of local Marathi warlord, Shivaji of Maharashtra.
Brahmins of Konkan usurped Shivaji's power and expanded a dying dynasty's small kingdom into a major territory, won in the war with a dying dynasty of Babur's heirs at Delhi. British demolished both Brahmins of Poona and Babur's remaining power base at Delhi along with some tough cookies like Tipu Sultan of Mysore.
This faint and temporary Marathi majesty of Peshwas of Poona bacame rallying point and basically a local phenonmenoa of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS, a variation on Hitler's Brown Shirt youth militia, "SS," became reality, perhaps a nightmare.
Till a catastrophic event caused by these fascist fanatic catapulted a little rag tag Brahmin army of thugs nobody gave them any respect. Mahatma Gandhi's cruel assassination is that event. RSS was banned and all the members went underground and operated under various legally acceptablereligious and social fake, front outfits.
Major Hindu leaders of Congress party intervened on behalf of RSS, mostly Brahmins themselves along with a massive non violent movement that stirred the nation helped RSS to come back with vengeance. Having learned the lesson that stupid tricks such as Mahatma Gandhi's assassination would not make the organization viable, RSS Brahmin boys under their new leader, Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, a handpicked foot soldier and rabid racist divided the group into several independent, self sustaining outfits. Jana Sangh, being their first bastard baby.
Some say that Jana Sangh has roots more in yet another Hindufundamentalist party, Hindu Mahasabha, "Greater Hindu Council," as one Shyama Prasad Mukerjee, of Bengal was goaded into making a separate party with elements from Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.
Golwalkar was not too enthusiastic about this new venture as his duty was to organize Brahmins more on social, religious and cultural basis per Hedgevar's diktats and not venture into politics, a graveyard of many such outfits. RSS wanted to be an apex body of strong willed individuals, dispassionate and independent of any local or national cliques. An honorable intention, as I see it.
The pressure was growing among the foot soldiers who got tired running around a saffron flag and wanted to launch their vehicle in the political high seas. A small start in politics would not hurt, must be their logic. Shyama Prasad Mukerjee had heart attack while he was in jail in Kashmir protesting Brahmin massacre by Muslim fundamentalist. Thus RSS boys had the second opportunity to transform themselves into a viable political force.
Things did not improve very much as people still shunned these rabid racists on account of their Mahatma Gandhi assassination asinine plot till Lal Kishenchand Advani, a Sindhi Hindu refugee seized the opportunity over Babri demolition. Another silly act is going to make these saffron simians an icon which they wanted for such a long time.
From two members in the parliament before Babri demolition to over hundred and sixty after is something of a miracle and miracles like Babri do not come too often in politics in India. The rag tag Brahmin boys barefoot army has reached its pinnacle of power and within a short period managed to formulate a policy of coalition among smaller but very powerful regional parties to grab the power at Delhi for sometime.
Bharatiya Janata Party is reformulated Jana Sangha which is a bastard baby of Brahmin cabal, RSS, a closely held cecret Brahmin society of Satan worshippers who would break any law and make new laws to maintain their strong hold on democratic processes of India. A veritable genie from thebottle.
The fundamentalism of these Brahmin boys is a lesser evil. None of the members of the founding clique were experts on religion. As a matter of fact all of them are more secular than what people give them credit for. Jesus rebelled against the then Jewish establishment of high priests and moneylenders to form a new, reformed Judaism with strong opinions just about everything which is named after him as Christianity.
RSS Brahmin boys were not equipped to reform the religion, to make it more simple or universally acceptable therefore, it is not a religious reform movement. It has a single strong element of "anti" everything that is not native, what they call in modern and more popular terms as "Hinduttva,"
With that kind of undefined, amorphous and porus argument these Bahmin rascals get, mostly middle class, Hindus to vote for them to power.
I have watched this group for long time and have come to the conclusion. The only alternative is to watch their every single tranformation and alert the thinking people. No high falutin' academic and scientific mumbo jumbo ever scared RSS boys. They are immune to such criticism as they are brainwashed to the extent that no sane argument could win them over.
What these feces fascists need is an electric cattle prod up their wazoo.