Tuesday, March 29, 2005

RSS : a MEN only club

Women cannot become members of the R.S.S. The R.S.S. opposes the women's voting right. Only CHITPAWAN BRAHMINS (Blue eyed people - generally identified by low caste Hindus as "Cobras") can become top leaders of the R.S.S. Almost all leaders of this movement to date, from Hegdewar, Golwalkar, have belonged to this race. It seeks to eradicate Communism, Sikhism, Christianity and Islam from India. It's main principle is that the Aryans (Brahmins in South India and many upper castes in North India) should rule India. It is an Anti-Dravidian movement. All sorts of weaponry and terrorist training are given to its members. Its stated aim is to make Sanskrit the national language of India, and eradicate all other languages. It specializes in creating rumours and brainwashing people. It has been implicated in organised pograms against non-Aryans in various parts of India. The RSS has built up a substantial list of achievements in the field of murder, mayhem and extermination. The Assassination of Mahathma Ghandi. Mahatma Gandhi, father of nation, was killed by Nathuram Godse the Brahmin who was a member of the RSS. The reason for Gandhi's assassination was that he preached inter-communal harmony and equality amongst people, including the low caste Hindus. The Attempt to kill Dr Ambedkar by poisoning him. The Attempt to kill Kamaraj Nadar. The Attack on Karpoori Takkoore (this was solely because he was from the barber profession and community).